involved in screenprinting since 1986
silk screen printing, framed, metal or plastic printing, spot colors, stickers, pvc, polystyrene, polycarbonate, vinyl and various printing works at competitive prices from PRINT-IT silk screen printing company in Greece
Creative - Prepress
In order to reproduce graphics succesfully by screenprinting it is essential to approach the original correctly and to convert it to film for photo transfer onto the screen.

Our experience in the field of pre-printing guarantees our technical achievements and colour fidelity on every project we undertake. We have our own creative department and studio and we are positive of good results over the entire range of pre-printing.

Equipped with cutting-edge hardware and software , we approach each printing job we undertake with the aim of achieving the best possible result.

We also undertake integrated projects , which include an initial layout , the final model , and production of the end product.
Ελληνικά   Πληροφορίες για Μεταξοτυπία, ανεξίτηλες έγχρωμες εκτυπώσεις μεταξοτυπίες, μεταξοτυπια, μεταξοτυπιες

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