involved in screenprinting since 1986
silk screen printing, framed, metal or plastic printing, spot colors, stickers, pvc, polystyrene, polycarbonate, vinyl and various printing works at competitive prices from PRINT-IT silk screen printing company in Greece
Colour and its Secrets
We believe in the power of colour and its ability to make our lives beautiful. Screenprinting is the only method that handles vibrant , glowing colours ,giving us a myriad of opportunities for expression and experimentation.

We can reproduce any colour range with absolute fidelity , whether these are from the PANTONE or CMYK colour matching systems , or tonal gradations , playing with transparency and overprints.

Screenprinting inks have a unique vibrancy and durability compared to any other printing method. This fact , in combination with the capability that screenprinting has to place a controlled quantity of any kind of ink on a flat surface , makes this method unique where fade-proof and long-lasting printing is required.
Ελληνικά   Πληροφορίες για Μεταξοτυπία, ανεξίτηλες έγχρωμες εκτυπώσεις μεταξοτυπίες, μεταξοτυπια, μεταξοτυπιες

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