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ScreenPrinting Principals
This is a unique method for reproducing graphic designs and images , and many consider screenprinting to be one of the oldest forms of printing.

Its root lie in 11th century China , where it was initially used to decorate textiles , reproduce works of art and create posters with phrases uttered by the emperor.

This was when it was discovered that a piece of silk material stretched over a wooden frame with a stencil stuck on it could be used to reproduce the same image multiple times on a variety of materials , simply forcing the colour to pass through the open parts of the stencil. This was how screenprinting was born!

The basic features of the screenprinting method remain the same as in those ancient times.
  • a graphic design
  • a frame for the fabric
  • a stencil with the image
  • ink
  • a squeegee
  • a printing machine
  • the material on which the image will be printed
Despite this , the passage of time has meant progress in the materials , techniques and equipment utilised , which allow screenprinters today to print almost anything , anywhere.
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